Class 3 of ATL Liberation Spring Body Decolonizing Health & Healing in the South

Class this week was led by adjunct faculty Cara Page. Cara led a lively discussion that began with discussions on what healing and health meant in participant lives, touched on such topics as the origins of public health and its historical roots in eugenics and population control, and the  finished with how to decolonize both current health care systems and practices.

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Cara Page is a Black queer artist,organizer, and healing arts and her class inaugurated the first distance facilitation at our ATL campus.

Class 2 of ATL Liberation Spring Body Sovereignty in the South

Adjunct faculty Stephanie Guillord, the Atlanta Campus on April 2nd, 2014 as it discussed the sovereignty of our bodies. A lively discussion followed wherein we discussed how to move from Gender as social control of the body to a reality where gender is a liberatory reality.

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“The control of society over individuals is not conducted only through consciousness or ideology, but also in the body and with the body.” – Michel Foucault

“We were born naked. The rest is drag.” RuPaul


Specifically, the course challenged participants to discuss:

  • How do we move from physical and sexual violence to physical safety and sexual autonomy?
  • How do we move from a surveillance and discipline binary to a society where freedom of movement, universal citizenship, collective assembly, and healing practices are core values.
  • How do we liberate ourselves from the contstraints and regulations of family formation to a more fluid future?

Join us next week at 9 Gammons to join the Class.

Class 1 of ATL Liberation Spring Dedicated to Mwalimu Njuguna Mutahi


Class 1 of the Atlanta Liberation Spring class held by UNSIF was opened with these potent and timely words by Facilitator Emery Wright

“First off, I want to say that this class is in Tribute to Mwalimu Njuguna Mutahi, a Kenyan, born & raised in Nyeri, Kenya and was a very influential intellectual, revolutionary, teacher, activist, organizer and in terms of the themes of this course, he was someone who made last contributions the movement for liberation & justice in Kenya, East Africa and Globally. He spent decades in the struggle and embodied the principles and action of decolonization.”



Liberation Spring Semester ’14 Syllabus- Atlanta, GA Campus – Project South

March 26: Class I – Introduction to Decolonizing the South 
This course will provide an overview and analysis of the historical framework of colonization and how it has manifested in the South.

April 2: Class II – Body  Sovereignty in the South 
This course will to explore gender constructions as fundamental to colonialism and how sovereignty over the body in the context of the South plays a substantive role in the movement for liberation for all people.

April 9: Class III – Decolonizing Health & Healing in the South 
This course will engage the student-participants in discussion on topics associated with health and healing, including food justice, healthcare, and the legacy of the medical industrial complex in the South.

April 16: Class IV – Decolonizing Labor and Migration in the South
This course will debunk the prominent myths around labor and migration in the South by bringing to light the racist and exploitive methods to manipulate the lives of workers in the service of corporate and state agendas.

April 23: Class V – Decolonizing the Impact of Globalization and the Neoliberal (New Confederate) State in the South
The notion of decolonizing solidarity will be defined by the collective group and put into context around normative ideas of economics and economic growth as it relates to the South.

April 30: Class VI – Role of Culture, Art, and Music in Decolonizing the South
This course will advocate for study on the use of culture to create liberated spaces in the South through an analysis of art as a capable narrator of the process of decolonization.

May 7: Class VII – The Southern Freedom Movement in the 21st Century 
This course will detail the history of the Southern Freedom Movement in the present 21st century political moment and chronicle the stated efforts of the Southern Movement Assembly/Alliance to coordinate actions to achieve a shared purpose: to dismantle the systems that create and maintain racism, oppression and exploitation while also building the social and economic democracy that advances self-determination and sovereignty on multiple fronts.

May 14: Synthesis

This culminating (Collective) experience will explore both the personal and collective lessons learned from the courses and use the group’s collective learned and personally generated knowledge to use discussion as a means to form answers to the class questions.

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Liberation Spring Registration 2014

UNSIF - Atlanta Campus

 University Sin Fronteras

Liberation Spring Semester 2014

It’s time again, what will you contribute?

The South is at a critical point in the fight for social justice. Trends in current legislation lay a path that is rolling back civil rights legislation and historical gains from Southern Freedom Movement, courts are creating the NEW Jim Crow styled behaviors, violence against people of color is NOW common place, the rights of women are trampled by conservative forces and the STATE, private and public entities are destroying neighborhoods, and public education is under attack.

All of these increasingly highly aggressive issues are a direct product of a colonial framework where human rights are systematically dismantled and dissent is suppressed. The University Sin Fronteras’s Liberation Spring Semester will examine the role of rising Social Movements in the South that aim to build community power to confront injustice, to build a NEW 21st Century Southern Freedom Movement. The Liberation Spring Semester course will act as a critical part of building momentum for Southern-wide summer (Liberation NOW) organizing campaign. This process is based on preparing participants to connect Action around the aforementioned crisis by exploring how to decolonize and organize the ‘fronts of struggle’ including the education (political), the body, our economy, our work, and our cultures. Student-participants will collectively determine the role of the State and co-create new knowledge based on their lived experiences and analysis and hands on projects (Liberation Now).

Student-participants are asked only to bring their burning questions, their suffering, their victories, and their desires for a just society. Another World is Possible, and Underway.  Another SOUTH is happening.

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MAR. 15-MAY 15, 2014

The new year is here, but it is not going to surprise and jerks us around as 2013 seemed to have done, we are prepared to meeting 2014 head on.

This year will determine the outcomes of both 2015-2016. And 2016 is Presidential elections, coming after Obama’s lame duck period 2015. All will be at stake in 2016.

So lets not react but decolonize by uprooting three ‘Roots of Oppression’ systems; Race (Racism), Class (Capitalist exploitation), Gender (Patriarchy).

Join University Sin Fronteras in Atlanta, Detroit and San Antonio or from where ever you are at…in this Liberation Spring Semester starting March 15 and going until May 15, Each schedule is unike to each of the UNSIF campuses.

We invite you to become a part of University Sin Fronteras, a University without Walls and beyond borders, and one dedicated towards the social movements for systemic change.

ATL – Project South (PS)
SAT – Southwest Workers Union (SWU)
DTW – East Michigan Environmental Action Council (EMEAC)

or contact me at:

rubensolisgarcia@gmail,com or,, and at and
cell 210 378 5699

Ready for the Emancipation Autumn 2013


September is here and also the beginning of the UNSIF Emancipation Autumn  2013‘. Each of the four operating campuses are working to organize and announce the courses that will be offered during the autumn semester.

Courses will be taking place in Detroit, Atlanta, San Antonio and San Juan (PR), and the campus committee of each campus has either met or is planning a meeting to decide on the course(s) to be offered.

To join or register for a course in one of the UNSIF campuses, please contact the following campus coordinators:

  • Atlanta Campus: Angela Winfrey at
  • Detroit Campus: Antonio Cosme at
  • San Antonio campus: Irasema Cavazos at
  • San Juan (PR) campus: Nicole Soto Rodriguez at

The Emancipation Autumn semester 2013 was designated by the Board of Directors as a semester to do research for action. This means that we can look deeper into power analysis, race, class or gender, environment etc.. We want to go deep into ROOT CAUSES.

Soon, each campus will be putting out their Course description, registration form, and general information on University Sin Fronteras. Between 2012 and 2013, University Sin Fronteras has carried out courses in all four campuses with approximately 249 student-participants taking part and completing the courses.

We INVITE you and your organization to take part and participate in the courses offered each semester by Universidad Sin Fronteras. We look forward to having you participate and even establish new campuses in new areas/cities. Please feel free to check out our website:

Ruben Solis Garcia,
UNSIF President
Phone: (210) 378 5699

WALK FOR DIGNITY – Jacksonville FL to Sanford FL – July 22-27

Walk for Dignity - Enough is Enough

Based on collective planning to respond to the verdict in the Trayvon Martin trial, organizations working with the Southern Movement Assembly are calling for immediate action with clear demands. We would like to invite you to collaborate and show the combined force of all our efforts to end genocide and build a just world.

We are planning a Walk for Dignity from Jacksonville FL to Sanford FL – July 22-27 Continue reading