I’d like extend  to you a warm welcome to the San Antonio campus of the University Sin Fronteras. Classes here are fun and informative. The methodology that we utilize in class is provacativbe ane exciting. Each semester we quickly become family as a class by exploring challenging issues. We encourage all to attend and particularity look forward to working with artists as we would like to add color, music, theatre, and dance to our learning experiences. Attending campus helps us articulate the dialogue and understand our past, present, and future in movement.


Joaquin Abrego,Campus Coordinator, San Antonio

Joaquin@UNSIF.com – 210.229.2666



Joaquin “Muerte” Abrego is a Del Rio native,  local musicianm screen printer, graphic artists, and organizer/representative for the Southwest Worker’s Union.


Anchor Organization

The Southwest Workers’ Union is an organization of low income workers and families, community residents, and youth united in one organizational struggle for workers rights, environmental justice and community empowerment.

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Southwest Workers Union empowers and organizes its 2.500 members through education, leadership development, and direct action. The aim is to build multi-generational grassroots power to create sustainable systemic change for social, economic, and environmental justice and to build the movement for dignity and justice.

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Previous Class Summaries

Treaty Of Guadalupe Hidalgo Feb 2, 1848 University Sin Fronteras San Antonio Campus   Decolonizing the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ruben solis garcia grulla@unsif.com   Objectives:   ReGenerate the historical memory of the manifest destiny question ReGenerate the war memories and atrocities ReGenerate the knowledge of the TGH Develop an analytical historic cultural new narrative […]
We invite you to the Freedom Summer 2014 semester of the University Sin Fronteras San Antonio Campus. June 23, 2014 you will get a chance to meet fellow colleagues and like minded individuals. This semester we will be challenging the negative power of the state and growing the power of the people through our knowledge, wisdom […]
This class was well attended despite the weather. Adjunct Faculty Joaquin Muerte started off with introductions and a 25-minute presentation. The 1st round robin what ” What is a globalized economy.” The group proceeded into smaller sections where 3 groups spent time understanding and naming what/who is globalizing economies. The 2nd Round Robin was on […]