University Sin Fronteras - Emancipation Autumn '14
“People’s Power and the Power Behind Big Money.”

We will host an intergenerational exchange with thought-provoking guest speakers “adjunct faculty” that can help sharpen your analysis of current events, help you to tell YOUR Detroit story, and place yourself in this struggle over the Future-History of Detroit. We will investigate Privatization, Gentrification, the role of Foundations, International Lessons, How to do Research, and other topics of use for 21st century activists.

Course Questions include:
• How has institutional racism affected Detroit?
• How is Detroit’s situation similar to nations around the world?
• What are people doing to fight back?
• What are the real effects (good and bad) of corporation and foundation funding in Detroit?
• What can YOU do to empower yourself and your community?
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A University Without Walls
Emancipation Autumn Semester
Every Thursday from October 2 – November 13

First 3 Classes at Cass Corridor Commons
4605 Cass Ave @ Forest
Then, classes move to St. Peters Episcopal Church
1950 Trumbull Ave @ Michigan

Tuition: $200.00 per student
Scholarship value: $200.00
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Contact Will: 313-718-0868
Contact Ruben: 210 378 5699
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