University Sin Fronteras - Emancipation Autumn '14
The South is at a critical point in the fight for social justice. Trends in current legislation lay a path that is rolling back civil rights legislation and historical gains from Southern Freedom Movement, courts are creating the NEW Jim Crow styled behaviors, violence against people of color is NOW common place, the rights of women are trampled by conservative forces and the STATE, private and public entities are destroying neighborhoods, and public education is under attack.

This semester will reflect on how social movements and ordinary people confront power, and how they analyze its relationship to the State without dependence on ineffective political institutions to communicate their needs. We will also look at the overall interconnection of power and endeavor to define and maintain it in a 21st Century context and within the current political moment along the various fronts of struggle in the U.S. South (Global South).

Course Questions
I What is Power in the South/Global South and who holds it?
II What does power in Atlanta look like at the crossroads of struggle?
III After understanding the framework of Power, what would you do starting tomorrow, to practice, implement, and maintain the holding of power in your organization, community, and life?

It’s time again, what’s your role?

Check out the notes and reports from previous semesters at
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A University Without Walls
Emancipation Autumn Semester
Wednesdays from 6-8pm
October 15- November 12, 2014
@ Project South offices

Tuition: $250.00 per student
Scholarship value: $250.00
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