Freedom Summer Semester (June/July/August 2013)


How do we understand & grow the Southern Freedom Movement within the current political realities? How do we begin to DECOLONIZE?

The Freedom Summer Semester provides an answer to these and other questions:

Class 1: Roots of Racism
Genocide, Slavery, the Confederacy, & White Supremacy, Racial justice-healing & reconciliation

Class 2: Beyond Civil Rights
Liberation struggles & de-colonial LIBERATION movements in the US South

Class 3: Decolonize the Globalized Economy
Poverty, Politics, and Governance in the 21st Century

Class 4: Building Southern Power
Re-imagining social movements and collective action (Or how to hold, defend and advance OUR power?)

Download All campus Freedom Summer core program 2013 (Pre-Registration Form) (518MB PDF)


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