Join Project South for the second course of the University Sin Fronteras, Atlanta Campus. Five classes will explore social movement histories specific to Atlanta, collective action, and leadership in global movements.

As a critical part of the People’s First 100 Days, Monday evening classes will prepare organizers and community members to connect education to action for building movements.

Register online at:

Class Schedule

  1. Oct 15-Class 1: Life Road Map? (Stephanie). How we got here? Education Liberation orientation (mission & vision) and OL
  2. Oct 19-Class 2: Radical South Tradition: Atlanta at cross roads (Emery)
  3. Oct 29-Class 3: Social Movement Leadership (Glory)
  4. Nov 12-Class 4: Action theory and practice (Ruben Solis)
  5. Nov 19-Class 5: Emancipatory Education (Jenice View & Les)

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