UNSIF Freedom Summer 2015: San Juan Campus, Caribbean Institute of Social Movements

Announcing our Seminar on “Decolonizing the debate on Political Prisoners”

The struggle for the independence of Puerto Rico has led many people to death or jail. In that scenario, it is very important to us to make those people present in our future struggles and frontlines. Recognizing their sacrifice and strength should be vital for the social movements. In terms of education, it is important that social movements systematize those experiences and make them available as a comprehensive body of knowledge for generations to come.

We will organize a Seminar on Political Prisoners. The seminar will discuss the historicalsociological and legal context of political prisoners with a special focus on live after jail. We will invite some ex political prisoners to share their experience, among them Dylcia Pagan.

Our main question will be:

  • How can we use and incorporate the knowledge and experience of an ex political prisoners into the social movements and our emancipatory education?
  • From a movement building perspective, How can we integrate an after prison program for political prisoners involving communities?