From Mexico, to Egypt, to Spain and around the WORLD this is Liberation Summer!

University Sin Fronteras and Project South are organizing a ‘Liberation Summer’ semester starting July 11 to August 15th.

The semester will focus on Peoples’ Liberation, de-colonialization, colonialism, resistance, and emancipation.

This is a ‘clandestine’ class because ETHNIC STUDIES is ‘prohibited’ in such places as Tuscon AZ; because the class looks critically at oppression, racism, sexism, and genocide; and because it makes us proud of our peoples’ struggles and cultures.

University Sin Fronteras and Project South stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Tucson, Arizona who continue to fight for the right of a critical and true history and education. We are part of the Librotraficante underground railroad taking the truth to many places and people.

The goal of the Liberation Summer Semester is to support leadership through inter-generational and intra-generational methodologies in order to bridge the ‘veteran’ leaders and social movement organizers and the new young activists just getting started.

Download the Liberation Summer Application and Registration (151 KB PDF)
Download the Liberation Summer Flyer (375 KB PDF)


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