2012 Liberation  Summer - Class 4

2012 Liberation Summer – Class 4

The fourth Liberation Summer class took place on August 1, 2012 taught by Rita Valenti and Jerome Scott. Jerome S. is one of the founders of Project South and since has transitioned out of the organization to make room for younger leadership, Emery Wright and Stephanie Guilloud.

The class division according to Jerome “Class divisions recognize the difference between the people who work for others and those who gain wealth by making others work for them. There are variations within classes, as seen in the distinctions between owners of a small store and the heads of large corporations. Under recent capitalism, more members of the middle class have been forced into the working class, while the ruling class has gained more wealth and power. Even professionals such as teachers and nurses are becoming laborers with little control over their working conditions”.

Read More:

Class 4 Report – Jerome & Rita (410KB PDF)
Class 4 Compilation – Gender, Race, Class and the Creation of White (32KB PDF)
Class 4 Notes – Jerome Scott and Rita Valenti (108KB PDF)


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