Class 3 with Emery Wright

Class 3 with Emery Wright

The patterns of slavery and Indigenous displacement have had physical and material effects on the social, political, and economic structures that exist today. Emery deconstructs Atlanta’s political machine  that reproduces and sustains the neoliberal project that is the modern manifestation of colonialism.

The Problem of Colonialism and Decolonization in the US South was the topic of class # 3 which was shared by adjunct faculty member, Emery Wright, a leader at project South.

Decolonizing our communities is deeply connected to breaking and re-imagining capitalist ideas, habits and lifestyles.

Download notes and materials from Class 1, 2 and 3

Class 3 (Compilation) (35KB PDF)
Class 3 Decolonizing the US South (With pictures) (11.1MB PDF)
Class 2 Puerto Rico (Compilation) (37KPDF)
Class 1 What is Colonialism (28KB PDF)


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