Freedom Summer is part of a broad based social movement in the U.S. South, reGenerating the historical struggle (Black Liberation) for emancipation and ultimately complete liberation, in the present 21st Century.

Freedom Summer Semester 2013

The Southern Movements Assembly (SMA) is launching a SOUTH FREEDOM summer involving hundreds of youth.

University Sin Fronteras will be offering a 4 week Freedom summer semester in Atlanta, San Juan, San Antonio and Detroit in the time frame from June to August 2013.

The courses will focus on four main questions (but not limited to)…

  • What are the Roots of Racism.?
  • What is the Southern Freedom Movement in the 21st Century.?
  • How to decolonize the globalized economy.
  • (How to) Build, hold, defend and advance OUR (community based) POWER.?

Where: Atlanta . San Antonio . San Juan . Detroit

When: June-August 2013

Download Freedom Summer 2013 Intro & Contacts (74KB PDF)

Download Flyer – Freedom Summer Semester 2013 (60KB PDF)


Download Freedom Summer semester Spanish 2013 (60KB PDF)


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