PLANNING? Here are some questions to answer…


Whats is your campus curriculum for the semester course?


How many classes (one per week) make up the semester course?


What is the Schedule/place/2 hour class (start promptly and end on time)?


Who are selected Adjunct Faculty?  Lesson plan (see template)?


Notes (taker)

One page reflection paper




In the planning outlook take into account that this Emancipation Autumn Semester sets the stage for much that will be happening in 2016 including Presidential elections.  The elections seem to have much more at stake than ever, yet the political parties are least effective.


Peoples’ community safety and governance becomes a very important area for defining what we are for?  How do we decolonize, dismantle the old systems and build something in its place.


We look forward towards welcoming all the campuses, including two new campuses, to emancipation autumn.



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