On November 12, 2014 Class 4 of the Atlanta campus Emancipation Autumn Semester was led by Adjunct Faculty Cita Cook and Leslie Etienne. The discussion focussed on the ability of the state to maintain social control in the south through an unjust “plantation” system of education. Starting with an understanding of the historical perspective, the facilitators used a number of timelines available below to walk participants through the history of the “plantation education” in the US as well as providing a local focus.

The class was quite informative and the tools and notes from class discussion can all be downloaded below.

Downloadable Files

UNSIF  Notes for Class on Plantation Education

Handout for Class on Plantation Education in Georgia and Atlanta, November 12, 2014

Lesson Plan for Class on Plantation Education, November 12, 2014

Student Reflections


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