Caribbean Institute of Social Movements – San Juan, PR

Announces the first seminar session in September 2014

The Caribbean Institute of Social Movements is developed to generate an autonomous cooperation network among organizations, institutions and individuals of the Caribbean region. It is our purpose to collectivize the experience and strategic actions developed in the Social Movements, also to bring out the knowledge of it in a common way. In context with the Caribbean region and their people, we seek to reunite various liberation movements, discourses and ideologies to bring back the interconnection between action, knowledge and organization.

The historical influence of imperialism and colonialism in the Caribbean area, makes it our deepest challenge to change, transcend and liberate from that epistemological construction with our own knowledge and ways. Our answers and responses to colonialism cannot be colonized.

Together, we must start from decolonizing our ways to liberate.

Core areas:

• Social Movements: sociology, actuality and liberation

• Economy, cooperation and solidarity

• The Caribbean as culture and space

• Education, pedagogy and organization among social movements

***Official dates and schedule soon to be announced***

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