The need for social movements comes from the overwhelming disparities and oppression witnessed in the 21st century.  An upsurge of collective action has sparked the hearts and souls of the people despite the compliancy that so often occurs in the Bible belt antebellum South.

Much of our communities of color have been some how convinced to continue our engagement through informal groups of friends; ad-hoc committees; or loose associations of activists.   Westernized norms to develop or maintain power has collided with the needs of the people to now create a synergy of improvement through progressive critical thinking.   We call to bring a diverse collective peoples movement and promote social movement organizations.

Historically, the ever dominant labor movement became prominent through sharing of pamphlets and brochures centuries after the word of mouth mechanisms of the Mau Mau Kenyan movement against the Western dominancy.  Today, we have spanned our movement through the internet and social media;  Movement of political, social, and other issues pushes direct actions under the philosophy that dissent of the status quo brings true democracy.


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