People’s Power and the Power Behind Big Money.”


We will host an intergenerational exchange with thought-provoking guest speakers “adjunct faculty” that can help sharpen your analysis of current events, help you to tell YOUR Detroit story, and place yourself in this struggle over the Future-History of Detroit. We will investigate Privatization, Gentrification, the role of Foundations, International Lessons, How to do Research, and other topics of use for 21st century activists.


This 7 week course starts Thursday, October 2 from 5-7pm.  First 3 classes will be held at Cass Corridor Commons (4605 Cass Ave); final 4 classes will be at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church (1950 Trumbull Ave).


If you are interested, please fill out this Application Form and return it by WED September 29.  Class size is limited to 20 people.


Course Outline

A.  Privatization

B. Peoples Struggle

C  The role of foundations and nonprofits in (neo) colonialism

D Case Study in (SW) Detroit

E  Participatory Action Research

F Visioning

G Synthesis