Poster – 2012 Liberation Summer in Atlanta – School on Colonialism and Liberation

Poster – 2012 Liberation Summer in Atlanta – School on Colonialism and Liberation (click to enlarge)

The core curriculum of the UNSIF composed of four (4) core value areas: liberation and colonialism, emancipation and emancipatory education, economics, capitalism and globalization and social movement and self development. The Liberation Summer Semester course was within the colonialism & liberation curricular area.

The course on Liberation and Colonialism was made up of six (6) classes of two (2) hours each meeting once a week on wednesdays evenings 6-8 PM.

Participating students filled out an application including a scholarship section if they could not pay the $200 tuition.

Most students received a scholarship. All 29 student-participants came to every class with few exceptions.

The classes were content driven based on practice-theory-practice, and the core curriculum and the OLE methodology, that focuses on shared knowledge, bringing the voices and stories of the student-participants to the center of the class/table, and building a body of knowledge including new knowledge, as a result.

The class dynamics have included oral presentations, small group discussion and analysis, round robin (around the table) discussions, multi-media presentations, and sharing their compelling stories is part of the synthesis process of the course as a whole in a peer evaluation approach.

Read full 2012 Liberation Summer in Atlanta – Lesson Learned Document (80KB PDF)

Download notes and materials from Class 4, 5 and 6

Class 6 Report – Jenice View (613KB PDF)
Class 6 Notes – Key Points
(75KB PDF)
Class 5 Report – Rose Brewer (382KB PDF)
Class 5 Compilation – Slave Trade and Capitalism (32KB PDF)
Class 5 Notes – Rose Brewer (18KB PDF)
Class 4 Report – Jerome & Rita (410KB PDF)
Class 4 Compilation – Gender, Race, Class and the Creation of White (32KB PDF)
Class 4 Notes – Jerome Scott and Rita Valenti (108KB PDF)


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